A snippet of all the the places Polaris Medifabrics proved it’s mettle

Dr. Aditi Govitrikar Visits and Appreciates Polaris Office

author: Polaris

On the bright day of 25/01/2023, Dr Aditi Govitrikar, renowned model, actress and physician gave a speacial appearance at the Polaris office cheering the spirits of the entire Polaris Team. Dr. Govitrikar was left awestruck with the level of attention and care being put behind each and every product at Polaris Medifabrics so much so, that she donned our Blazer and spoke admiration for us.

Miss Rajasthan in collaboration with Polaris Medifabrics

author: Polaris

The beautiful and full of life, Miss Rajasthan finalist models walked the ramp in Polaris Medifabric scrubs, making it a show stopping performance. The effortless fit and fall of the fabric, the organic colors and the lightnes of fabric was evident in the confidence and smile of the beatiful models.